10 Ways to Transform Your Balcony Into an Irresistible Retreat

A balcony is one of the most sought after outdoor spaces in any home and so, seeing it being used as a storage space for unwanted and broken things or as a graveyard for dead plants can be very disheartening.

In many over-crowded cities, a balcony, no matter how small, is considered a luxury. And if you’re lucky enough to have one, make the most out of this space by transforming it into a relaxing and irresistible retreat.

01. Make Them Bloom

Source: nurserylive & pinterest

Add beauty to your balcony by planting colorful plants, creepers and climbers. Furthermore, balcony blooms like these beautify the entire neighborhood too.

02. Create a Vertical Garden

Source: Pinterest

Create your own vertical jungle by affixing your favorite plants to a trellis attached to the side of the balcony wall and then watch them flourish.

03. Set Up a Herb / Vegetable Garden

If you love to cook, set up a mini garden to grow your own herbs and vegetables to cook with.

04. Decorate with Faux Plants

Source: Balcony Decoration

If keeping plants alive is too huge a commitment for you, then you can simply decorate your balcony with artificial plants, flowers and vines that also look pretty realistic.

05. Choose Furniture Wisely

There are n number of seating options available on the market now-a-days. So, whatever furniture you choose for your balcony, make sure it serves its purpose and also utilizes the space properly. Here are some examples to inspire you.

Source: hemnet.se. Consider adding an ottoman with your chairs as it can be used in multiple ways such as a foot rest, an extra seating or as a coffee table too.
Source: livspace.com. Swings aren’t meant just for porches. Choose a swing according to your space and add some cushions for extra comfort.
Source: pinterest. The furniture doesn’t have to be just for sitting. Incorporate hidden storage by ingeniously adding storage space inside the bench and some extra shelves on the side.
Source: casavogue.globo.com. If your balcony is big enough, create a casual dining nook by adding some chairs and a table so that you can enjoy alfresco meals.
Source: hemnet.se. If you don’t have an expansive balcony, opt for space saving furniture like the foldable ones shown above.
Source: rhinov.fr. Balcony bars like the one shown above are a great idea as they serve multiple purposes while also saving space. You can either use them for working or dining or just to display your plants.
Source: h3rmit.tumblr.com. If your balcony is too small to accommodate any furniture, then just use some cushions and a rug to create a comfortable area to sit and relax.

06. Create a Statement Wall

If a jungle of plants is not your thing then create focus on a wall by decorating it with beautiful planters and accessories that are easily available in the market or online.

07. Light It Up

String lights can add a very cozy romantic vibe to your balcony. Consider adding lots of string lights, lanterns and candles to turn on the charm.

08. Add Interest Through the Flooring

Source: s3.amazonaws.com. You can hide your boring balcony floor using artificial grass or interlocking deck tiles which are very easy to install and remove too. You can find them anywhere in the market or order online from amazon.
Source: Pinterest. Layering the floor with patterned rugs will not only make your balcony feel super comfortable but will also add interesting textures to the whole decor.
Source: etsy.com. Vinyl flooring is a highly durable, water resistant and easy to install option that will take your flooring game to the next level. They are available in a variety of designs and can also be customized as per your choice.

09. Embrace Colors

Ditch the traditional colors and go for vibrantly hued furniture, accessories and planters to create a fun and happy atmosphere in your balcony.

10. Incorporate a Privacy Screen

Source: liatsy.com

Enjoy your solitude away from the neighbor’s prying eyes by creating a privacy screen for your balcony. You can use a trellis and decorate it with some fake plants, vines and string lights to give it a pleasing look.

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